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63' N Sunny Catering was founded by Judi Forster, also known as the "Underground Chef", here on the Central Coast.  Judi started her culinary passion at a very young age.  As a child, she worked side-by-side with her childhood best friend, and mother.  Every day after school they made Italian family dinners for the evening supper.  Learning to make homemade pasta and authentic Italian meals stirred a love for cooking that has carried through her life.  As a young teen, she developed a love for garden fresh meals, constantly experimenting on her own family that consisted of three hungry older brothers who never turned down a meal.  When she left home and moved to San Diego, her passion continued to grow and she moved further into the restaurant and food industry.  In her early twenties she moved to Los Angeles and began to travel globally.  Picking up authentic native recipes and incorporating them in her own style and passion for food.  Continuing in a small local grocery store in management and constantly hosting dinner parties and catering events on the side.  In 1997 she found herself on the beautiful Central Coast, married a cowboy/rancher and found a whole new dynamic of food style.  Pairing ranchers with fresh local ingredients became a passion.  Many long work days and hungry cowboys provided a new outlook on feeding them with health foods.  In 2012 Judi and her family relocated to Cayucos and she emerged as "The Underground Chef".  Cooking in-home for private clients, teaching cooking lessons and catering private events.  Her passion is locally sourced foods from local farmers, ranchers, fisherman and vendors.  Trying to keep ingredients within a 50 mile radius and in season whenever possible.  She has established great relations with many of these sources.  Sharing her passion with others is her ministry and has created relationships and connections with so many.  Her staff, which sometimes includes family, are all very professional and loyal to her vision.  Educating people on why fresh and local make a difference in taste and our economy is top priority.  We are excited to share our passion and love with you!  Please contact for a free consultation.